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Find Where to Vote Map

Visit google.com/elections/ed/us/vote and enter your address to find information on where you vote on election day, Tuesday November 6th 2012. Important: You must be registered in order to vote. Voting locations shown are for the November 4 election only (not for early voting), and it is only for voters registered at the home address entered. […]

2008 Precinct Level Maps

Stanford has compiled a map of the 2008 presidential vote that shows voting at the precinct level. The map is interactive and really shows the rural-republican and urban-democratic leanings. from Stanford.edu Each dot represents a precinct, but as you zoom in, you will notice differences in the sizes of the dots, with larger dots corresponding […]

Maps of the 2008 US Presidential Election

The voters have spoken and Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States.
Electoral College:
Obama: 365
McCain: 173

Popular Vote:
Obama: 66,617,824
McCain: 58,164,524
results still coming in…

2008 House of Representatives Election Maps

As expected, Democratic candidates would take several House of Representative spots previously held by Republicans. Currently, 20 seats have been gained and there are 7 races that are still too close to call. New York Times Washington Post

2008 US Senate Election Maps

Democrats picked up at least five Senate seats, but missed their goal of acquiring a filibuster proof majority (60). Highlights for the Senate races (work in progress): 3 races remain too close to call: Alaska, Georgia, and Minnessota In Minnesota, incumbent Republican Senator Norm Coleman held off challenger Al Franken, however less than 800 votes […]

2008: Indiana Election Maps

 Indiana can give clues as to how the election will unfold, in particular Vigo and Hamilton county. View the 2004 county map below and then visit the current map. (via New York Times New York Times 2008 Election Results (president, house and governor) Vigo Co. bellweather of U.S. voting 2004 Election Map in Indiana

Poll Closing Times Map for November 4th 2008

The polls start closing at 6pm eastern time in Indiana and Kentucky and by 7pm polls will be closed in Virginia, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Vermont. Ohio and West Virginia close at 7:30 and at 8pm polls close across the country from Texas to Maine. More than half the country will have completed voting […]

Guides to Watching the 2008 Election

In addition to the presidential election, there are 435 congressional races, 35 senate races, and 11 gubernatorial contests to keep an eye on. Here is a round up of some of the best guides to watching the 2008 elections. (will be updated through out the day, so be sure to check back)   What to […]

Political Geography: Guide to the Swing States from the Washington Post

The Washington Post has another map out in their Political Geography series, this time examining the key swing states in the 2008 presidential election. A state-by-state breakdown of how Barack Obama and John McCain are expected to perform on Tuesday. click for interactive full-size map

Map of Voting Problems on November 4th

Our Vote Live.org is tracking voting problems being reported during the November 4th, 2008 election and has several maps showing where the problems are occurring, both at the state and county level. .   The maps below are from 11:30 AM EST, but already show that there are a lot of voting issues accross the country. […]