Voting America: United States Politics 1840-2008

The University of Richmond‘s Digital Scholarship Lab created interactive and cinematic maps of the US presidential elections from 1840 to 2004. The maps provide a geographic time line of US […]


2008 House of Representatives Election Maps

As expected, Democratic candidates would take several House of Representative spots previously held by Republicans. Currently, 20 seats have been gained and there are 7 races that are still too […]


2008 US Senate Election Maps

Democrats picked up at least five Senate seats, but missed their goal of acquiring a filibuster proof majority (60). Highlights for the Senate races (work in progress): 3 races remain […]


2008: Indiana Election Maps

 Indiana can give clues as to how the election will unfold, in particular Vigo and Hamilton county. View the 2004 county map below and then visit the current map. (via […]


Poll Closing Times Map for November 4th 2008

The polls start closing at 6pm eastern time in Indiana and Kentucky and by 7pm polls will be closed in Virginia, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Vermont. Ohio and West […]

Guides to Watching the 2008 Election

In addition to the presidential election, there are 435 congressional races, 35 senate races, and 11 gubernatorial contests to keep an eye on. Here is a round up of some […]


Map of Voting Problems on November 4th

Our Vote is tracking voting problems being reported during the November 4th, 2008 election and has several maps showing where the problems are occurring, both at the state and county […]


How Much Is Your Vote Worth?

Today’s op-ed in the New York Times looks at how the electoral college used to determine the president of the United States disproportionately favors smaller states. For example, 1 electoral […]

2008 Electoral Map Predictions: 11-3-2008

With one day before the 2008 Presidential election, Barack Obama appears headed for an electoral map changing victory over John McCain. McCain now finds himself defending traditional red states and hoping for a way to pull off an upset.

America’s Most Political Cities 2008

Men’s Health magazine ranks the political habits of America’s cities by registration, donations, spending, and participation in recent elections.
Most Political City: Raleigh NC
Least Political City: Modesto California
Highest Percent of Income Donated: Corpus Christi Texas
Highest Percentage of Active Registered Voters: Anchorage Alaska
Highest Percentage of Ballots Counted: Cheyenne Wyoming

Real Clear Politics Swing State Review: Ohio

Real Clear Politics has a series of posts examining key swing states and they recently featured Ohio, which became the tipping point state in the 2004 election. Swing State Review: […]

2008 Voter Registration Deadlines Map

Voter registration deadlines have past in many key states, including Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida and Ohio. This map from the Pew Center On the States shows each states deadline.

2008 Early and Absentee Voting Map

The Pew Center on the States has another great map on the 2008 election, this one focusing on early and absentee voting across the country. All states now have some […]

2008 Electoral Map Predictions: 10-28-2008

With less than a week remaining, Barack Obama appears headed for an electoral map changing victory over John McCain. McCain now finds himself defending traditional red states and hoping for […]

2008 Senate Election Predictions as of 10-27-2008

Polling continues to predict Democratic gains in the senate with a filibuster-proof majority of 60 possible. Latest Senate Polls: New York Times:  53 Democrats, 41 Republicans, 2 Independents, 4 seats […]

2008 Election Equipment Map compiled information on what types of election equipment is used across the nation. Paper ballots, punch cards, mechanical levers, and electronic ballots (both with and without a paper trail) are among the many ways that America’s voters cast their votes.

2008 Newspaper Endorsements Map

Info Chimps created a map showing the Geography of Newspaper Endorsements in the 2008 US Presidential Election, including newspaper circulation, current polling predictions and 2004 endorsement history.

2008 Electoral Map Predictions: 10-14-2008

As the campaign for president enters the final three weeks, Barack Obama seems to have an insurmountable lead over John McCain. The electoral map looks so favorable to Obama that […]

Links of Interest 10-9-2008

Interesting links…. Pollster: Campaign ’08 Trends vs ’04 and ’00 Update  polling trendlines for the 2008, 2004, and 2000 presidential election.  Obama is in much better shape than Kerry or Gore […]

2008 Electoral Map Predictions: 10-7-2008

Only four weeks until election day and recent polling suggests Barack Obama would win in a landslide if the election was held today. John McCain’s now finds himself having to […]