Washington Post: In battle for the Senate, Democrats now have a narrow edge

2016, Iowa, Missouri, North Carolina, Senate

The Washington Post provides an update on the 2016 Senate campaigns and give the Democrats a narrow edge to gain a majority.


In our inaugural Senate race ratings two weeks ago, we found that Republicans were slight favorites to hold on to their majority in a tough year. Now, with Hillary Clinton gaining in the presidential race, it’s looking more like Democrats have the slightest of edges.

In our latest Senate race ratings, we’re making a couple of big changes in Democrats’ favor and moving one lower-tier race toward the GOP.

The big moves: Both Missouri and North Carolina are moving from “lean Republican” to “toss-up.” The other move is Iowa, which we’re moving from “lean Republican” to “safe Republican.”

The sum total, as you can see on the graphic above, is that the 50-50 line is almost smack-dab in the middle of the purple part of the bar — a portion denoting the Senate races we consider toss-ups. In other words: It’s very close.