Vox: 23 maps that explain how Democrats went from the party of racism to the party of Obama

1828, 1864, 1876, 1896, 1944, Democratic Party, History

Vox.com has used 23 maps to show how the Democratic Party transformed from supporting slavery to winning the minority vote.

via Vox.com The Democratic Party is the longest-existing political party in the US, and arguably the world. But in its over 180 year existence, it’s completed a remarkable ideological and geographic transformation. Originally a staunch defender of Southern slavery, the party now wins the support of most nonwhite voters. Once an advocate of rural interests against coastal elites, the party now draws much of its strength from cities and coastal areas. These maps tell the tale of the Democratic Party’s origins, its various metamorphoses, and the sources of its strength — and weaknesses — today.

Here is a summary of the key changes and map samples. For full size maps and more info, visit Vox.com.

  1. Democrats: The party of Andrew Jackson
  2. Democrats: The party of Indian removal
  3. Democrats: The party of Manifest Destiny
  4. Democrats were the party of slavery
  5. The Democratic Party fractured during the Civil War
  6. The Democratic domination of the South
  7. The party of farmers and silver
  8. Woodrow Wilson and Progressivism
  9. The party elected to fight the Great Depression
  10. The party of government spending
  11. The party of unions
  12. The split over civil rights
  13. The (gradual) loss of the South
  14. The antiwar movement
  15. Democrats are strong in big cities
  16. Richer Americans vote Republican, poorer ones vote Democratic
  17. Democrats perform badly among evangelical Protestants
  18. Few Blue Dog Democrats remain
  19. The party of unions
  20. The growth of the nonwhite electorate
  21. Democrats and the white vote
  22. Weakness in the states
  23. Growth of Hispanics in key states