USA Today’s The Deciders: Waukesha County, Wisconsin – Ultra-red Wisconsin county struggles with Trump

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USA TODAY takes a close look at GOP “base” voters in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee


Trump needs every Republican vote he can get this fall. But his struggle to excite and unify his party’s voters is damaging his chances in November. And it’s fueling GOP fears that a drop in Republican turnout could hurt candidates up and down the ballot.

Few places illustrate that struggle better than Waukesha County, Wis., an overwhelmingly white and middle-class expanse of office parks, subdivisions and picturesque lakes just west of the Democratic city of Milwaukee.

Four years ago, Waukesha produced more GOP votes per capita than any county its size in America. The landslides it generates are indispensable to the party in statewide elections.


The USA TODAY Network is spending time in eight counties in eight states, exploring the key electoral themes that could decide this fall’s election. Each week from now until the election, we will feature a different one.