USA Today’s The Deciders: Clark County, Ohio – Reviving Rust Belt city in Ohio not convinced by Donald Trump’s message

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USA TODAY takes a close look at blue-collar voters in Clark County, Ohio.


Clark is similar to many counties in the country’s industrial heartland, where farmers worked the fields outside small cities crowned with factories. Its residents are proud of the plethora of churches in this conservative, blue-collar place, with a tradition of electing moderates of both parties.

For generations, Springfield was the archetype of a small Midwest industrial city. It made things and was proud of it. It offered good jobs to workers who didn’t have to go to college for stable employment at companies like International Harvester Co., at one time the county’s largest employer with 7,000 workers.


The USA TODAY Network is spending time in eight counties in eight states, exploring the key electoral themes that could decide this fall’s election. Each week from now until the election, we will feature a different one.