State of the Democratic Primary – April 23rd 2008

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Senator Hillary Clinton won the Pennsylvania primary with 54.6% of the vote to Senator Barack Obama’s 45.4%. Preliminary results show that Clinton will receive 82 delegates and Obama will receive 73 delegates. Barack Obama currently leads with 1,723 delegates and Hillary Clinton follows with 1,592 delegates (according to the A.P. 4/23 ). For those keeping score, the Democratic nominee is determined by which candidate receives 2,025 delegates and Obama’s lead in delegates appears to be insurmountable (check out slate’s delegate tracker).

Next to vote:
– May 3rd: Guam (9 delegates)
– May 6th: North Carolina (134 delegates) and Indiana (83 delegates)

New York Times Democratic Primary Map

Delegate Count from the New York Times

County by County Results Map from Open Left

Delegate Margin Map from Open Left

Campaign Finance Map from Political Base

Dark blue represents the states where Hillary Clinton has received more campaign contributions than Barack Obama and vis versa.

Political Base Campaign Finance

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Upcoming Primaries

    May 2008

  • May 6 – Indiana, North Carolina
  • May 13 – West Virginia
  • May20 – Kentucky, Oregon
    June 2008

  • June 1 – Puerto Rico
  • June 3 – Montana, South Dakota