State of the Democratic Presidential Primary – February 20th 2008

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After thirty seven primaries and caucuses in the Democratic presidential race, Barack Obama has emerged as the leader by winning more states and delegates than Hillary Clinton. With 10 back to back wins since Super Tuesday, Barack Obama appears to be the likely Democratic candidate for president. The next primaries will be held on March 4th in Texas, Ohio, Vermont, and Rhode Island, where Hillary Clinton is hoping that wins in the delegate rich states of Ohio and Texas will allow her to regain the lead. Barack Obama has managed to take the delegate lead from Hillary Clinton.

To win the nomination 2,0258 delegates are needed and currently the Associated Press (A.P.) has Barack Obama leading with 1,351 delegates trailed by Hillary Clinton with 1,262 delegates.

Democratic Primary Map

map from the New York Times

Upcoming Elections

    March 2008

  • March 4 – Ohio, Vermont, Texas, and Rhode Island
  • March 8 – Wyoming
  • March 11 – Mississippi
    April 2008

  • April 22 – Pennsylvania
    May 2008

  • May 6 – Indiana, North Carolina
  • May 13 – West Virginia
  • May20 – Kentucky, Oregon
    June 2008

  • June 1 – Puerto Rico
  • June 3 – Montana, South Dakota