State-by-State Map: How the Clinton and Trump Camps Spent $595 Million on TV, Radio Ads

2016, 2016 Presidential Campaign, Campaign Finance, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton

Via Advertising Age

Mr. Trump had a change of heart starting around August — and there’s been a lot of talk from the Trump camp lately about cranking up ad spending even further leading up to Election Day, which may affect the cumulative state-by-state spending map you see here (stay tuned for next Friday’s Campaign Scorecard).
But for now Sec. Clinton and pro-Clinton PACs are miles ahead of Mr. Trump and pro-Trump PACs in the TV-and-radio ad game. The tally right now (including primary season and the general election): $436.4 million spent by Clinton and her allies vs. $158.5 million spent by Trump and his allies — $594.9 million in all.