Rudy Giuliani Primary Campaign Maps

2008, Rudy Giuliani

Here is a collection of maps and links covering Rudy Giuliani’s Presidential Primary Campaign.

1/29/2008 Update: Rudy Giuliani’s unconventional campaign strategy was to skip the early states to focus on Florida. The strategy did not pay off and Giuliani did not win a single county in Florida. Expect him to drop out of the race and endorse McCain soon.

Florida Primary Map Election Score Card as of 12/30/2007 – .
Giuliani Election Scorecard

Money Track at Political Base.
Republican Primary Campaign Map

New York Times Campaign Finance Map view where the money is coming from

Rudy Giuliani Campaign Finance Map’s Map the Candidates
Rudy Giuliani Primary Campaign Maps
New York Times Candidate Schedule Maptracking the candidates on the campaign trail’s If Clicks Equaled Votes – using web traffic to rank the candidates
If Clicks Equaled Votes