Ron Paul Primary Campaign Maps

2008, Ron Paul

Ron Paul has not been considered a serious candidate by the mainstream media, however he has become an internet sensation and proven a strong fundraiser.
Despite the lack of media attention, a recent Rasmussen survey had him third in the New Hampshire primary beating media darlings Fred Thompson and Rudy Guiliani.
Here is a collection of maps and links covering Ron Paul’s Presidential Primary Campaign.

Top 10 States by Campaign Contribution ($) from as of September 2007:

  1. Texas – $674,313
  2. California – $669,472
  3. Florida – $268,789
  4. Washington – $163,382
  5. Illiois – $155,091
  6. New York – $130,703
  7. Pennsylvania – $117,529
  8. Georgia – $107,037
  9. New Jersey – $99,998
  10. Michigan – $96,062

New York Times Campaign Finance Map view where the money is coming from (last updated 9/2007)
Ron Paul for President Fundraising Map

New York Times Candidate Schedule Maptracking the candidates on the campaign trail
Ron Paul Campaign Map

Also, check out’s Map the Candidates’s If Clicks Equaled Votes – using web traffic to rank the candidates

If Clicks Equaled Votes
From Paul attracts the largest online following not only is his home state of Texas, but he also outdraws all of his rivals in their home states as well (Giuliani—New York; Huckabee—Arkansas; McCain—Arizona; Romney—Michigan and Massachusetts; and Thompson—Tennessee). This certainly runs counter to the notion that Paul’s support is localized to a few pockets (read: basements) around the country.
Paul also leads in friends on