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Red State vs. Blue State Infographic

Oct 19th, 2010

InfographicWorld.com created an interactive infographic detailing the relative strengths and weaknesses of each state. One thing that jumps out is that “Blue” states link New York and California pay significantly more in taxes than they get back in federal support, while “Red” states like Alaska get back significantly more than they pay. This data confirms a few stereotypes, including blue states being more educated (more high school and college graduates) and red states being more religious (higher church attendance).

With the political rhetoric in full swing this election cycle. And both sides blaming the other for the countries problems. We decided to dig a bit deeper and compare which states are doing the best with social and economic issues.
Click the image to activate the interactive infographic, and click through each section to see what we came up with…

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  1. The problem with this is that the real engines of any economy are the cities. China, Brazil and India aren’t spending in Rural areas, they’re spending in the cities regardless of whether or not the rural populace remains poor. The biggest problem with America is that business and innovation has largely been driven out of central urban centers due to crimes overwhelmingly committed by Blacks and Hispanics. The infrastructure is there, the Universities, the Mass Transit, the offices and warehouses and what used to be factories, the shipping and rail lines. All of these could be utilized to re-generate economic growth.

    If you want to live in rural areas, that’s fine and is no skin off of my back. To each their own. I don’t bash the country lifestyle, it has wonderful ideals but keep in mind that what makes these areas great isn’t economic prosperity and suburbanization and strip malls and development. All the rural areas have to do is feed the cities. The farmers can be paid well (and they are) and they can exchange their dollars for goods conjured up and produced in the cities.

  2. Пишите больше!

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