Poll Closing Times Map for November 4th 2008

2008, Political Maps by State

The polls start closing at 6pm eastern time in Indiana and Kentucky and by 7pm polls will be closed in Virginia, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Vermont. Ohio and West Virginia close at 7:30 and at 8pm polls close across the country from Texas to Maine. More than half the country will have completed voting by 8pm, including the swing states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Missouri. By 9pm most of the country will have voted and polls will be closed in all the major swing states (Colorado, New Mexico, Minnesota, and Wisconsin close at 9). By 10pm only states bordering the Pacific Ocean will remain open. At 11pm polls in California, Washington, Oregon and Hawaii close, leaving only Alaskan polls still open. At 1am (eastern time) Wednesday, November 5th, the last poll closes.