North Carolina Primary Maps – May 6, 2008

2008, North Carolina

North Carolina, like Indiana which also votes May 6th, offers Barack Obama an opportunity to clinch the nomination while also providing Hillary Clinton a final opportunity to cast doubt on Obama’s electability. If Obama beats Clinton in both Indiana and North Carolina on May 6th, then Clinton will be left without a reason to stay in the race. Obama is favored to win North Carolina, but recent polls show Clinton closing the margin.

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North Carolina Results:

New York Times: North Carolina Primary Map

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Five Thirty Eight: North Carolina Prediction: Obama by Double Digits

  • CD-1 (Northeast / Albermarle): Prediction: Obama 68.1, Clinton 31.9; Obama 4-2 Delegate Win.
  • CD-2 (East Central / Raleigh): Prediction: Obama 61.5, Clnton 38.5; Obama 4-2 Delegate Win.
  • CD-3 (East / Cape Hatteras): Prediction: Obama 56.3, Clinton 43.7; 2-2 Delegate Split.
  • CD-4 (Central / Research Triangle): Prediction: Obama 69.8, Clinton 30.2; Obama 6-3 Delegate Win.
  • CD-5 (Northwest / Boone): Prediction: Clinton 55.9, Obama 44.1; Clinton 3-2 Delegate Win.
  • CD-6 (Central / Asheboro): Prediction: Clinton 51.8, Obama 48.2; Clinton 3-2 Delegate Win.
  • CD-7 (Southeast / Wilmington): Prediction: Obama 52.8, Clinton 47.2; 3-3 Delegate Split.
  • CD-8 (South Central / Kannapolis): Prediction: Obama 60.7, Clinton 39.3; Obama 3-2 Delegate Win.
  • CD-9 (Charlotte – Gastonia): Prediction: Obama 60.2, Clinton 39.8; Obama 4-2 Delegate Win.
  • CD-10 (West / Hickory): Prediction: Clinton 55.6, Obama 44.4; Clinton 3-2 Delegate Win.
  • CD-11 (West / Asheville): Prediction: Clinton 57.6, Obama 42.4; 3-3 Delegate Split.
    Prediction: Obama 70.6, Clinton 29.4; Obama 5-2 Delegate Win.
  • CD 13 (North / Greensboro): Prediction: Obama 63.4, Clinton 36.6; Obama 4-3 Delegate Win. – North Carolina Democratic Primary Prediction

The bluest Hillary color means she is predicted to get 65%+, the greenest Obama color means he is predicted to get 65%+. The colors change shade in roughly 3% increments:

CNN: 2004 North Carolina Presidential Results by County

Bush v. Kerry

Bush v.  Kerry  North Carolina Presidential Results by County

Bush Strength

Bush v.  Kerry  North Carolina Presidential Results by County

Kerry Strength

Bush v.  Kerry  North Carolina Presidential Results by County

Washington Post: North Carolina Primary Results, by County

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