Mike Huckabee Primary Campaign Maps

2008, Mike Huckabee

For most of 2007, Mike Huckabee was virtually ignored by the main stream media and last among the Republican candidates in fund raising. Now Huckabee leads the Republican candidates nationally and is trending upward with his Iowa win momentum.
Mike Huckabee currently trails John McCain and Rudy Guiliani heading into the New Hampshire primary.
Here is a collection of maps and links covering Mike Huckabee’s Presidential Primary Campaign.

Huckabee Wins Iowa Caucus2008 Iowa Presidential Caucus REpublicans

Slate.com Election Score Card as of 12/30/2007 – Mike Huckabee has surged to first place nationally with his win in Iowa.
Mike Huckabee Primary Campaign Election Scorecard

Money Track at Political Base – Mike Huckabee trailed the other candidates in fund raising at the end of September 2007.
Republican Primary Campaign Map

New York Times Campaign Finance Map view where the money is coming from

Mike Huckabee Primary Campaign Fundraising Map

Slate.com’s Map the Candidates
Mike Huckabee Map the Candidate

New York Times Candidate Schedule Maptracking the candidates on the campaign trail

Compete.com’s If Clicks Equaled Votes – using web traffic to rank the candidates
If Clicks Equaled Votes