Medium: The Midwest Isn’t Gerrymandered Because “All The Democrats Live In Big Cities”.

Gerrymandering, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin

Medium brings the latest article on gerrymandering and tackles the geographic clustering component head on.

Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are four Midwestern states that Barack Obama won in 2012. Despite this, he lost most of the districts in all eight of their state legislative chambers, which were all GOP-controlled then and now.

Whenever anyone brings up that this might be because the Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin state legislative maps were drawn to keep the GOP in power — because the states were intentionally gerrymandered — the same replies come: “Ah, it’s really because of geographic clustering! All the Democrats in those states have packed themselves together in dark blue districts in the big cities.”

The Example Of Franklin County.However “self-packed” Franklin County Democrats are, it sure seems like the lines have to do a lot of work, dividing the remaining blue here and drawing it in with dark red there, to get four mildly red districts.


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Zoom in on other Democratic metros in Republican-controlled states — below is Cleveland/Akron/Canton in the Ohio State House, greater Philadelphia in the Pennsylvania House and Senate, and Detroit in the Michigan House — and you just might see a bunch of awkwardly-shaped districts that just happen to have voted relatively narrowly for Mitt Romney.
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