Early Voting Update – 10/23/2016

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Early voting is underway and nearly 6 million votes have already been cast.

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Washington Post: In several key states, the early vote has shifted heavily to the Democrats since 2012

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Politico: Early voting shows upsurge of women
In Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida, Democrats see uptick in women taking ballots as reason for optimism.

In three crucial battlegrounds — North Carolina, Florida and Georgia — women are casting early ballots in disproportionate numbers. And in North Carolina, a must-win state for Trump with detailed early voting data available, it’s clear that Democratic women have been particularly motivated to turn out or turn ballots in.


Early voting turnout is up by 63.3% in Northern Virginia (over 2012); it’s down 0.4% in the rest of the state.

Cleveland: Here’s how the Hillary Clinton campaign is sizing up Ohio after the first week of early voting
Statewide, requests for absentee ballots are down compared to this point in time during the 2012 election, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted said this week. But Wyant, in his memo, expresses confidence that a high number of those requests are coming from five traditionally Democratic counties that are expected to favor Clinton over Republican Donald Trump this fall.

“All five” – Cuyahoga, Franklin, Hamilton, Montgomery and Summit counties – “are likely to go for Hillary Clinton by similar – or in the cases of Franklin and Hamilton Counties, where in person turnout is currently a larger percentage of the state than it was in 2012 – larger margins than President Barack Obama’s results” from his 2012 Ohio win, Wyant writes.

North Carolina
NBC News: North Carolina Counties That Cut Early Voting Sites See Lower Turnout
Hickory Record: Long waits face early voters in battleground North Carolina

KTNV: The Nevada Early Voting Blog
Democrats destroyed Republicans in the first day of early voting in Nevada, amassing a 13,500 raw vote lead and dominating in Clark County.

The raw numbers, according to the secretary of state, combining early and mail ballots: 41,017-27,606. That’s 49 percent to 33 percent. Democrats are 10 percent above their registration numbers and Republicans right at theirs.