CNN’s Critical counties: Stark County, Ohio, is a swing county in a swing state

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CNN highlights Stark County, Ohio as place to watch to determine who will win Ohio and the nation.


The quintessential swing state is a must-win for Donald Trump, and signs there have pointed in his favor.
Among his potential prospects: Stark County. Situated in northeast Ohio, Stark is a swing county in the swing state, and it’s a generally accurate bellwether that goes the way of the nation. It has trended Democratic in the past couple of cycles, but this election, it could go Trump.


CNN Editor’s Note:Critical Counties is a CNN series exploring 11 counties around the country that chief national correspondent John King has identified as key in the 2016 election. These counties could play an outsize role in the election and offer an instructive example of what the political parties have accomplished. Stark County is the fifth county in the series, which runs through Election Day. Explore the other critical counties.