CNN’s Critical counties: Jefferson County, Colorado, underscores Trump’s rocky chances

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CNN calls out Jefferson County, Colorado, home to the populous Denver metro area.


If Donald Trump is going to win Colorado, he is not going to be able to do it without the state’s populous suburbs. But in recent elections, those very places — like Jefferson County, Colorado — have leaned toward the Democratic Party.
Jefferson comprises a solid chunk of the Denver metro area. It is home to a slightly smaller Hispanic population relative to the state and a whole lot of beer. Its job picture has been looking good, and its population is relatively well-educated.
The statistics underscore the competitive nature of the county, but they also show a place tilting somewhat favorably toward Hillary Clinton.


CNN Editor’s Note:Critical Counties is a CNN series exploring 11 counties around the country that chief national correspondent John King has identified as key in the 2016 election. These counties could play an outsize role in the election and offer an instructive example of what the political parties have accomplished. Stark County is the fifth county in the series, which runs through Election Day. Explore the other critical counties.