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John McCain Republican National Convention Speech Map and Tag Cloud

John McCain’s speech at the Republican National Convention, like Obama’s a week earlier, made several geographic references. For the most part they can be categorized as either part of his personal background (war stories) or related to political issues (conflicts in the case of other countries and mostly political pandering in the case of states […]

Convention Finance Maps: Sponsors of the RNC and the DNC

Convention finance maps from the Washington Post showing both who the sponsors are and where the money came from that paid for both the RNC and the DNC. AT&T is largest single sponsor giving $7.3 million to both parties (65% RNC – 5% DNC), followed by IBEW union ($7MM), Citi Goup ($6.4MM), and UPS ($5.5MM). […]

Map of the Republican National Convention

The Washington Post examines where states are placed on the floor of the Republican National Convention. In Denver, the Democrats sat every delegate from a swing state (except for Ohio) in the primo spots. Republicans have drawn the lines a little differently in St. Paul, placing at least three battlegrounds behind party strongholds. But the […]