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2008 Precinct Level Maps

Stanford has compiled a map of the 2008 presidential vote that shows voting at the precinct level. The map is interactive and really shows the rural-republican and urban-democratic leanings. from Stanford.edu Each dot represents a precinct, but as you zoom in, you will notice differences in the sizes of the dots, with larger dots corresponding […]

Maps of the 2008 US Presidential Election

The voters have spoken and Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States.
Electoral College:
Obama: 365
McCain: 173

Popular Vote:
Obama: 66,617,824
McCain: 58,164,524
results still coming in…

2008 Electoral Map Predictions: 11-3-2008

With one day before the 2008 Presidential election, Barack Obama appears headed for an electoral map changing victory over John McCain. McCain now finds himself defending traditional red states and hoping for a way to pull off an upset.

2008 Electoral Map Predictions: 10-28-2008

With less than a week remaining, Barack Obama appears headed for an electoral map changing victory over John McCain. McCain now finds himself defending traditional red states and hoping for a way to change the momentum of the race in the final days. FiveThirtyEight.com : Obama 351, McCain 187 Electoral-Vote.com : Obama 375, McCain 157, […]

2008 Electoral Map Predictions: 10-7-2008

Only four weeks until election day and recent polling suggests Barack Obama would win in a landslide if the election was held today. John McCain’s now finds himself having to defend many states that went for Bush in 2004, including Ohio, Florida, Colorado, Iowa, Virginia, New Mexico, North Carolina, Missouri, and Indiana. It is likely […]

Florida: In Florida’s Economic Pain, Obama Gains Ground

The New York Times has another article and map graphic in their Stateside series examining swing states, this time the focus is on Florida and Obama’s rise in recent polls. The four most recent polls from late September put Mr. Obama ahead of Mr. McCain by three to eight percentage points, a sharp swing from […]

McCain pulling out of Michigan

John McCain’s campaign is pulling resources from Michigan and suspending advertising to focus on more competitive states elsewhere.  Obama now leads McCain by a significant margin Politico:  McCain pulling out of Michigan The McCain campaign already spent $2 million on advertising in Michigan Down ballot Republicans not happy Sarah Palin criticizes the decision Most of […]

Post Convention Electoral Maps and Polling 9-15-2008

Post convention polls have been favorable to John McCain and he now has the lead in several electoral map predictions as of September 15th. Five Thirty Eight: Obama 250.3 McCain 287.7 Princeton Election Consortium: Obama 273 McCain 265 Electoral-Vote.com: Obama 268 McCain 270 RealClearPolitics: Obama 273 McCain 265 :

Karl Rove and Co.’s Electoral Map – September 10th 2008

Karl Rove, Bush’s political strategist, has a new electoral map out featured on the LA Times website. Overall, Obama holds on to 226 electoral votes, while McCain moves up to 200 votes, and 112 votes are a toss-up, a new high in that category. McCain picked up two states from the toss-up column — Montana […]

Rival Tickets Are Redrawing Battlegrounds

The recent New York Times article Rival Tickets Are Redrawing Battlegrounds contains an advertising spend map and campaign stop maps showing where John McCain and Barack Obama are making campaign spots and spending money on TV advertising. Both are spending heavily in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Nevada. Obama is out spending McCain in Florida, […]