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2012 Electoral Map: Barack Obama Wins

Barack Obama wins 2nd term as US President.                          Electoral Votes*               Popular Vote** Barack Obama (D) – 303/332           59,584,661 – 51.1% Mitt Romney    (R) – 206                   56,959,312 – 48.8% *270 Electoral Votes Needed to Win **Votes still coming in More maps to come in the coming hours and days Please share any interesting maps in the comments […]

2012 Virginia Political Maps

Source: NY Times Source: NY Times Pre-Election Coverage Below Barack Obama won Virginia in 2008 becoming the first Democratic candidate for President to do so since 1964. Polling shows the state as a true toss up and with the polls closing at 7pm EST it could be the first swing state to be called in […]

Google Election Explorer

Google has built an interactive map showing where the candidates has spent money of advertising, where they have raised money fundraising and where they have traveled to campaign. view interactive maps

Guides to Watching the 2012 Election

In addition to the presidential election, there are 435 congressional races, 33 senate races, and 11 gubernatorial contests to keep an eye on. Here is a round up of some of the best guides to watching the 2012 elections. (will be updated through out the day and night, so be sure to check back) What […]

2012 Electoral Map Predictions: 11-6 Election Day

With less than 24 hours until the last vote of the 2012 Presidential election is cast, Barack Obama appears on course to be reelected. The polls in swing states show a distinctive advantage for Obama over Romney, which has led to a consensus among poll watchers and statisticians that Obama will be able to get […]

2012 Florida Political Maps

Florida was the tipping point state in 2000 that gave George W. Bush the presidency over Al Gore and with 29 electoral votes it could play a similar role in 2012. Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have spent considerable time and resource in the state, with the Republicans having their convention in Tampa. For […]

2012 Campaign Finance Maps

The 2012 Presidential election is projected to cost nearly 6 billion dollars. The maps and websites below show where it is being raised and where it is being spent. Not surprisingly, the money is being spend primarily in swing states, with Florida, Ohio and Virginia leading the states in ad spending. Large states, such as […]

2008 Precinct Level Maps

Stanford has compiled a map of the 2008 presidential vote that shows voting at the precinct level. The map is interactive and really shows the rural-republican and urban-democratic leanings. from Stanford.edu Each dot represents a precinct, but as you zoom in, you will notice differences in the sizes of the dots, with larger dots corresponding […]

2012 Electoral Map Prediction

With just days to go until the 2012 Presidential election, Barack Obama appears on course to be reelected with 303 electoral votes over Mitt Romney. Of the swing states, Obama appears to pick up Ohio, Iowa, Nevada, Virginia, Colorado and New Hampshire. Romney should win Florida and North Carolina, not enough for the 270 electoral […]

New Hampshire Primary – Tuesday, January 10th 2012

Mitt Romney wins the New Hampshire primary with 39% of the vote. Ron Paul takes second with 23%, Huntsman 16%, Gingrich and Santorum with 9%. New Hampshire Primary Results – Washington Post More maps: (NY Times)