South Carolina 2016 Election Results

Donald Trump is expected to win South Carolina and its 9 electoral votes. The states has consistently voted Republican since 1980. updated: November 8, 2016 South Carolina 2016 Election Results […]

2012 Republican Primary Maps

The Republican primary will determine their candidate against Barack Obama’s re-election in November and the links below will help you stay in formed.   2012 Republican Primary News Coverage: New […]

Map the Candidates from

August 24, 2008 Update: Map the has launched for the general election. The map of campaign stops since June shows that both campaigns are spending significant time in the […]

2008 South Carolina Presidential Primary News and Maps

News Coverage of the 2008 South Carolina Presidential Primary

John McCain wins January 19th Republican Presidential Primary in South Carolina: Eight years after his Presidential campaign imploded in South Carolina, John McCain wins the Republican presidential primary with 33% of the vote. McCain was followed by Huckabee (30%), Thompson (16%), Romney (15%), Paul (4%) and Giuliani (2%).
Barack Obama wins the January 26th Democratic Presidential Primary: In the bitter campaign charged with racial tension, won a commandinding victory with 55% of the vote. Clinton received 27% and Edwards 18%.