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2012 Ohio Political Maps

Source: NY Times Source: NY Times Pre-Election Coverage Below Like 2004, the 2012 Presidential election may come down to who wins Ohio. Polls show Obama with a slight lead over Romney. What to watch for as Ohio counts votes In Case of a Recount, a Long Wait for Ohio Understanding the politics of Ohio — […]

Map of Voting Problems on November 4th

Our Vote Live.org is tracking voting problems being reported during the November 4th, 2008 election and has several maps showing where the problems are occurring, both at the state and county level. .   The maps below are from 11:30 AM EST, but already show that there are a lot of voting issues accross the country. […]

Real Clear Politics Swing State Review: Ohio

Real Clear Politics has a series of posts examining key swing states and they recently featured Ohio, which became the tipping point state in the 2004 election. Swing State Review: Ohio – part 1 Swing State Review: Ohio – part 2 Highlights of the analysis include a great collection of maps and some interesting info: […]

Rival Tickets Are Redrawing Battlegrounds

The recent New York Times article Rival Tickets Are Redrawing Battlegrounds contains an advertising spend map and campaign stop maps showing where John McCain and Barack Obama are making campaign spots and spending money on TV advertising. Both are spending heavily in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Nevada. Obama is out spending McCain in Florida, […]

Ohio Primary Maps: Clinton and McCain Win Ohio Primary

Hillary Clinton and John McCain win the March 4th Ohio primary. McCain won every county, while Clinton won almost every county, but lost to Obama in Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati.

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