New Hampshire 2016 Election Results

New Hampshire voters will be the first to the polls on election day in Dixville Notch, although who will win the state’s 4 electoral votes is still uncertain. Democrat Hillary […]

every city visited by a presidential candidate since 2015

Mapping the America That Candidates Care About

The Atlantic takes a close look at where the presidential candidates visited. Though the candidates probably spent enough time in Iowa and New Hampshire to qualify for tax benefits, other […]

2012 Republican Primary Maps

The Republican primary will determine their candidate against Barack Obama’s re-election in November and the links below will help you stay in formed.   2012 Republican Primary News Coverage: New […]

Rival Tickets Are Redrawing Battlegrounds

The recent New York Times article Rival Tickets Are Redrawing Battlegrounds contains an advertising spend map and campaign stop maps showing where John McCain and Barack Obama are making campaign […]

Map the Candidates from

August 24, 2008 Update: Map the has launched for the general election. The map of campaign stops since June shows that both campaigns are spending significant time in the […]

2008 New Hampshire Presidential Primary News and Maps

News Coverage of the January 8th, 2008 New Hampshire Presidential Primary Election Scorecard for New Hampshire as of 1/5/20207

* Hillary Clinton has led the Democrats in New Hampshire polls for the entire campaign, but Barack Obama gaining quickly after his win in Iowa. One recent poll has Obama leading Clinton 37% to 27%
* A late minute surge by John McCain to catch up with Mitt Romney has made the Republican race close again. Mike Huckabee is still trails Romeny and McCain but is gaining quickly, as Rudy Guliani loses support to Huckabee and McCain.

New Hampshire 2008 Presidential Primary Prediction

1/10/2008 Update: New Hampshire Primary Maps and News Coverage 1/7/2008 Prediction for New Hampshire Primary: Democrats – Barack Obama Republicans – John McCain Rasmussen Reports: Obama 38%, Clinton 28%. McCain […]