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2012 Ohio Political Maps

Source: NY Times Source: NY Times Pre-Election Coverage Below Like 2004, the 2012 Presidential election may come down to who wins Ohio. Polls show Obama with a slight lead over Romney. What to watch for as Ohio counts votes In Case of a Recount, a Long Wait for Ohio Understanding the politics of Ohio — […]

Electoral College: How Much Is Your Vote Worth?

Slate has a great map showing this disparity in vote value by state as a result of the Electoral College. In Wyoming, your vote has the highest value with just 142,741 people per electoral vote. Your vote counts the least in New York where there 519,075 people per electoral vote. The average electoral vote represents […]

2012 Florida Political Maps

Florida was the tipping point state in 2000 that gave George W. Bush the presidency over Al Gore and with 29 electoral votes it could play a similar role in 2012. Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have spent considerable time and resource in the state, with the Republicans having their convention in Tampa. For […]

South Carolina Primary – Saturday, January 21st

Newt Gingrich wins the South Carolina with 40% of the vote. Romney follows with 28%, Santorum 17% and Paul 13%.

New Hampshire Primary – Tuesday, January 10th 2012

Mitt Romney wins the New Hampshire primary with 39% of the vote. Ron Paul takes second with 23%, Huntsman 16%, Gingrich and Santorum with 9%. New Hampshire Primary Results – Washington Post More maps: (NY Times)

Iowa Caucuses – Tuesday, January 3rd 2012

Results: NY Times Washington Post    Washington Post’s Interactive campaign tracker shows Rick Santourum has made the most campaign stops. Iowa Caucuses – Tuesday, January 3rd (NY Times and Washington Post ) Iowa Candidate Visits:  (Des Moines Register)    

2012 Republican Primary Maps

The Republican primary will determine their candidate against Barack Obama’s re-election in November and the links below will help you stay in formed.   2012 Republican Primary News Coverage: New York Times Washington Post  CNN Front loading HQ 538

2008: Indiana Election Maps

 Indiana can give clues as to how the election will unfold, in particular Vigo and Hamilton county. View the 2004 county map below and then visit the current map. (via New York Times New York Times 2008 Election Results (president, house and governor) Vigo Co. bellweather of U.S. voting 2004 Election Map in Indiana

Poll Closing Times Map for November 4th 2008

The polls start closing at 6pm eastern time in Indiana and Kentucky and by 7pm polls will be closed in Virginia, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Vermont. Ohio and West Virginia close at 7:30 and at 8pm polls close across the country from Texas to Maine. More than half the country will have completed voting […]

Map of Voting Problems on November 4th

Our Vote Live.org is tracking voting problems being reported during the November 4th, 2008 election and has several maps showing where the problems are occurring, both at the state and county level. .   The maps below are from 11:30 AM EST, but already show that there are a lot of voting issues accross the country. […]