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Red State vs. Blue State Infographic

InfographicWorld.com created an interactive infographic detailing the relative strengths and weaknesses of each state. One thing that jumps out is that “Blue” states link New York and California pay significantly more in taxes than they get back in federal support, while “Red” states like Alaska get back significantly more than they pay. This data confirms […]

Links of Interest 10-9-2008

Interesting links…. Pollster: Campaign ’08 Trends vs ’04 and ’00 Update  polling trendlines for the 2008, 2004, and 2000 presidential election.  Obama is in much better shape than Kerry or Gore were. New York Times:  States’ Actions to Block Voters Appear Illegal   Tens of thousands of eligible voters in at least six swing states have been removed […]

Noteworthy News and Links: 10-6-2008

A few interesting news stories from the past few days… New York Times: Economic Unrest Shifts Electoral Battlegrounds with Multimedia presentation| As economic news worsened, the electoral map shifted in Senator Barack Obama’s favor in September. Washington Post: U.S. Fiscal Crisis Seems to Have Altered Political Map | The faltering economy has left Sen. John […]

Patchwork Nation from the Christian Science Monitor

The Christian Science Monitor’s Patchwork Nation project has grouped every US county into one of eleven community types and is following how the political climate develops during the presidential campaign in representative communities. more on the 11 community types below Patchwork Nation consists of America’s 3,142 counties, divided into 11 community types on the basis […]

Barack Obama Wins the Democratic Presidential Nomination

Senator Barack Obama defeated Hillary Clinton to become the Democratic presidential nominee after one of the longest and closest primaries in history. More than 35 million voters took part in this historic election, yet Obama only had a small margin over Clinton (in both delegates and the popular vote).
Here are a collection of maps highlighting how Obama won. These will no doubt be analyzed in great detail between now and the general election, with John McCain looking to take advantage of Obama’s geographic weaknesses that became apparent during the primary, such as Appalachia and the rural rust belt.

Weekly Link Roundup 4-20-2008

Collection of interesting links and news stories from the past week with a focus on the political and geographic: 358: Pennsylvania Prediction: Clinton to net 12 delegates, 120K popular votes New York Times: Obama v. Clinton county decision tree based on demographics Electoral Vote: 2008 Electoral Map based on recent polling: Obama v. McCain | […]

Weekly Link Roundup 4-14-2008

Collection of the most interesting political and geographic news stories from the past week: US News: In Terms of Geography, Obama Appeals to Academics and Clinton Appeals to Jacksonians The Electoral Map: Mapping Strategies – How Candidates Use Maps to Imply Electability The Huffington Post: Throw Out the Rove-era Election Map For November Tim Russert […]

LA Times Primary Tracker

The Los Angeles Times’ interactive Primary Tracker contains a state by states breakdown of primary schedules, current polling, and election results.

If Clicks Were Votes – November 2007

Compete.com, which specializes in web analytics, has released some interesting maps about who is visiting the Presidential Cantidates’ websites. Based on their analysis, Ron Paul leads the Republicans and Barak Obama leads the Democrats.