Republican Candidate Search Terms

If Google Searches were Votes in the 2008 Presidential Primaries

If searches for candidates’ names on Google were votes in the presidential primaries then Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee are set to win in Iowa. Nationwide Hillary Clinton is pacing to win the Democratic nomination, while Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney are in a competitive race for the Republican nomination.

This is based on the relative search volume on and only includes the candidates ranked in the top 4 on as of 1/1/2008. Ron Paul was excluded for not ranking in the polls, however he has a much higher number of searches for his name than any other candidate.

If Clicks Equaled Votes in November – Republican Candidates

If Clicks Were Votes – November 2007, which specializes in web analytics, has released some interesting maps about who is visiting the Presidential Cantidates’ websites. Based on their analysis, Ron Paul leads the Republicans and Barak Obama leads the Democrats.