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DistrictMojo has created an interactive tool that identifies the most gerrymandered congressional districts and has an accompanying post on “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Gerrymandering“. They have also highlighted a number of particularly interesting gerrymanders. Their formula for identifying gerrymandered districts is a simply division of district perimeter by district area, which works […]

Maps of the 2008 US Presidential Election

The voters have spoken and Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States.
Electoral College:
Obama: 365
McCain: 173

Popular Vote:
Obama: 66,617,824
McCain: 58,164,524
results still coming in…

2006 Congressional Election Maps

Maps and cartograms of the 2006 US Congressional Election from Mark Newman at the University of Michigan. House of Representatives Senate Maps above from Mark Newman at the University of Michigan. 2006 Election Maps from The New York Times 2006 Election Maps from NPR 2006 Election Maps from The Washington Post 2006 Election coverage from […]

2004 Presidential Election Maps

Incumbent President George W. Bush defeated Senator John F. Kerry in the 2004 United States Presidential Election.   Bush received 62 million votes (51%) and Kerry received 59 million votes (48%). Michael Gastner, Cosma Shalizi, and Mark Newman at The University of Michican have put together a great collection of maps and cartograms analyzing the 2004 […]

2000 Presidential Election Maps

The 2000 Presidential Election pitted Vice President Al Gore against Texas Governor George W. Bush and proved to be one of our Nation’s most contentious and polarizing elections.

Voting America: United States Politics 1840-2008

The University of Richmond‘s Digital Scholarship Lab created interactive and cinematic maps of the US presidential elections from 1840 to 2004. The maps provide a geographic time line of US presidential elections. America Voting Election Maps 1840 – 2004 Interactive Map Video Commentary Map Very small sampling of the maps available below…

Spending on Television Advertising by the 2008 Presidential Campaigns

If you live in a swing state this year, you have likely seen a few ads from John McCain and Barack Obama. The New York Times and CNN take a closer look at where the candidates are running ads and spending money. CNN‘s map covers the entire campaign for president going back to January 2007, […]

Fundrace : Campaign Donors in Your Neighborhood

Fund Race 2008 allows you to view all campaign contributions on a map. Donations of more than $200 include donor’s name, address and occupation. More about Fund Race 2008 Want to know if a celebrity is playing both sides of the fence? Whether that new guy you’re seeing is actually a Republican or just dresses […]

2008 Campaign Finance Maps from the New York Times

Barack Obama has opted out of public financing for the general election stating “the public financing of presidential elections, as it exists today, is broken — and the Republican Party apparatus has mastered the art of gaming this broken system” in his USA Today Op-Ed. John McCain will likely try to make this an issue, […]

Patchwork Nation from the Christian Science Monitor

The Christian Science Monitor’s Patchwork Nation project has grouped every US county into one of eleven community types and is following how the political climate develops during the presidential campaign in representative communities. more on the 11 community types below Patchwork Nation consists of America’s 3,142 counties, divided into 11 community types on the basis […]