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Red State vs. Blue State Infographic

InfographicWorld.com created an interactive infographic detailing the relative strengths and weaknesses of each state. One thing that jumps out is that “Blue” states link New York and California pay significantly more in taxes than they get back in federal support, while “Red” states like Alaska get back significantly more than they pay. This data confirms […]

America’s Most Political Cities 2008

Men’s Health magazine ranks the political habits of America’s cities by registration, donations, spending, and participation in recent elections.
Most Political City: Raleigh NC
Least Political City: Modesto California
Highest Percent of Income Donated: Corpus Christi Texas
Highest Percentage of Active Registered Voters: Anchorage Alaska
Highest Percentage of Ballots Counted: Cheyenne Wyoming

Digital History: Interactive Timeline Map of US History

Digital History is the University of Houston’s project to use “new technologies to enhance teaching and research”. Their interactive timeline map of US history shows the nation expanding, states forming and the population growing. Significant political and cultural events are plotted on the map, which can be clicked on for more information.

* Digital History: Interactive Timeline Map of US History

Map Mash Political Maps

MapMash has a collection of political maps using google maps showing current members of congress and the state of the presidential race.

Mashup of US Electoral Map and Google Maps will allow you to interact with google maps to calculate 2008 US Electoral votes.This mashup will allow you load the map with previous election results and current polls.

2008 Campaign Finance Maps from the New York Times

Barack Obama has opted out of public financing for the general election stating “the public financing of presidential elections, as it exists today, is broken — and the Republican Party apparatus has mastered the art of gaming this broken system” in his USA Today Op-Ed. John McCain will likely try to make this an issue, […]

USA Today Delegate Tracker

USA Today Delegate Tracker


FiveThirtyEight.com is a new political blog that has a wealth of information on what the 2008 electoral map will look like in November. 538 represents the total number of presidential electors that make up the United States Electoral College and meet every four years to cast the official votes for President of the United States. […]

LA Times Primary Tracker

The Los Angeles Times’ interactive Primary Tracker contains a state by states breakdown of primary schedules, current polling, and election results.

New York Times 2008 Election Coverage

The New York Times 2008 election coverage includes several interactive maps, including campaign contribution map and a campaign stop map.

2008 Election Coverage by NPR.org

2008 Election Coverage by NPR.org