538: Women Are Defeating Donald Trump

FiveThirtyEight takes a look at the gender split and what the electoral map would look like if only women or men voted. A series of national polls released on Tuesday […]


NPR Battleground Map: Trump In Crisis

NPR highlights how Donald Trump’s electoral map has collapsed in the wake of two weeks of nearly non-stop negative news coverage, including a video tape emerging where Trump brags about […]


How Much Is Your Vote Worth?

Today’s op-ed in the New York Times looks at how the electoral college used to determine the president of the United States disproportionately favors smaller states. For example, 1 electoral […]

2008 Electoral Map Predictions: 10-14-2008

As the campaign for president enters the final three weeks, Barack Obama seems to have an insurmountable lead over John McCain. The electoral map looks so favorable to Obama that […]

2008 Electoral Map Predictions: 10-3-2008

32 days until election day Senator Barack Obama appears poised to change the electoral map and has several routes to 270 electoral vote.  Senator John McCain now finds himself defending […]

Track the Electoral College Vote Predictions has created a great way to track and visualize the various electoral vote predictions from around the web, including Real Clear Politics, FiveThirtyEight, Intrade, the New York Times and […]

2008 Electoral Map: 9-30-2008

Five weeks until election day and the electoral map provides Senator Barack Obama several routes to 270 electoral vote. The easiest of which appears to be to hold the 2004 […]

2008 Electoral Map: 9-23-2008

Six weeks until the presidential election and the electoral map tilts back towards Barack Obama after John McCain brief post-convention lead. :Obama 312, McCain 226 : Obama 264, […]

Electoral Map Predictions – August 21st 2008

Barack Obama maintains a slight lead over John McCain in recent predictions :Obama 272, McCain 266 : Obama 264, McCain 261, Tossup 13 Princeton Election Consortium :  Obama […]

Karl Rove and Co.’s Electoral Maps

Karl Rove Electoral Map (11/3/2008)     Karl Rove, Bush’s political strategist, has been sharing these hypothetical electoral maps recently that show the differences in an Obama/McCain election and a […]

Electoral Map Predictions – April 19th has a preview of the 2008 Electoral Map based on recent polling data. Hillary Clinton currently has the edge over Barack Obama in the contest against John McCain as […] is a new political blog that has a wealth of information on what the 2008 electoral map will look like in November. 538 represents the total number of presidential […]

Electoral Vote Maps from

The United States Electoral College is a term used to describe the 538 President Electors who meet every 4 years to cast the electoral votes for President and Vice President of the United States; their votes represent the most important component of the presidential election. has a collection of maps showing how the Electoral College has voted by state since 1788.