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Convention Finance Maps: Sponsors of the RNC and the DNC

Convention finance maps from the Washington Post showing both who the sponsors are and where the money came from that paid for both the RNC and the DNC. AT&T is largest single sponsor giving $7.3 million to both parties (65% RNC – 5% DNC), followed by IBEW union ($7MM), Citi Goup ($6.4MM), and UPS ($5.5MM). […]

Barack Obama Democratic National Convention Speech Map

Barack Obama’s speech to the Democratic National Convention at Invesco Field in Denver Colorado made several geographic references. For the most part they can be categorized by as personal background or politics, with politics including both policy matters and random call outs that could be considered pandering (Michigan + Ohio).  Maps and tag cloud below, […]

Map of the Democratic National Convention

The Washington Post has another interesting info-graphic from their political geography series, this time examining where states are placed on the floor of the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado. The Denver convention’s seating chart pretty much sums it up. For the most part, the swing states have been assigned to the primo floor spots […]