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Google Election Explorer

Google has built an interactive map showing where the candidates has spent money of advertising, where they have raised money fundraising and where they have traveled to campaign. view interactive maps

2012 Campaign Finance Maps

The 2012 Presidential election is projected to cost nearly 6 billion dollars. The maps and websites below show where it is being raised and where it is being spent. Not surprisingly, the money is being spend primarily in swing states, with Florida, Ohio and Virginia leading the states in ad spending. Large states, such as […]

Spending on Television Advertising by the 2008 Presidential Campaigns

If you live in a swing state this year, you have likely seen a few ads from John McCain and Barack Obama. The New York Times and CNN take a closer look at where the candidates are running ads and spending money. CNN‘s map covers the entire campaign for president going back to January 2007, […]

Convention Finance Maps: Sponsors of the RNC and the DNC

Convention finance maps from the Washington Post showing both who the sponsors are and where the money came from that paid for both the RNC and the DNC. AT&T is largest single sponsor giving $7.3 million to both parties (65% RNC – 5% DNC), followed by IBEW union ($7MM), Citi Goup ($6.4MM), and UPS ($5.5MM). […]

Fundrace : Campaign Donors in Your Neighborhood

Fund Race 2008 allows you to view all campaign contributions on a map. Donations of more than $200 include donor’s name, address and occupation. More about Fund Race 2008 Want to know if a celebrity is playing both sides of the fence? Whether that new guy you’re seeing is actually a Republican or just dresses […]

2008 Campaign Finance Maps from the New York Times

Barack Obama has opted out of public financing for the general election stating “the public financing of presidential elections, as it exists today, is broken — and the Republican Party apparatus has mastered the art of gaming this broken system” in his USA Today Op-Ed. John McCain will likely try to make this an issue, […]

Presidential Fund Raising Maps from PoliticalBase.com

PoliticalBase.com has a great collection of interactive election fund raising maps. The maps below show which Presidential candidate raised the most money in each state. There is a map for every Presidential election from 1980 to the 2008 election.