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Voting America: United States Politics 1840-2008

The University of Richmond‘s Digital Scholarship Lab created interactive and cinematic maps of the US presidential elections from 1840 to 2004. The maps provide a geographic time line of US presidential elections. America Voting Election Maps 1840 – 2004 Interactive Map Video Commentary Map Very small sampling of the maps available below…

How the US has voted since 1980: Interactive Map from Google

Working with the Digital Scholarship Lab at University of Richmond, the Google Earth team mapped presidential election results from 1980 to 2004 by state and county for Google Earth. Download this KML to Google Earth. (recommended way to view data if you have google earth on your computer) from Google These maps show how the […]

The Changing Electoral Map

With all the talk of candidates changing the electoral map this election, a few websites have taken the time to look at how the map has changed over time. Interestingly, the map has basically inverted since 1896, as shown by the maps below (from 207towin.com). Both Open-Left, a liberal site, and Race 4 2008, a […]

Electoral Vote Maps from 270toWin.com

The United States Electoral College is a term used to describe the 538 President Electors who meet every 4 years to cast the electoral votes for President and Vice President of the United States; their votes represent the most important component of the presidential election. 270toWin.com has a collection of maps showing how the Electoral College has voted by state since 1788.

Presidential Fund Raising Maps from PoliticalBase.com

PoliticalBase.com has a great collection of interactive election fund raising maps. The maps below show which Presidential candidate raised the most money in each state. There is a map for every Presidential election from 1980 to the 2008 election.

Red States + Blue States = Purple Nation

The pundits constantly refer to Red States and Blue States, but the reality is that the nation is Purple as illustrated by Robert J. Vanderbei’s maps.