Barack Obama Wins the Democratic Presidential Nomination

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Senator Barack Obama defeated Hillary Clinton to become the Democratic presidential nominee after one of the longest and closest primaries in history. More than 35 million voters took part in this historic election, yet Obama only had a small margin over Clinton (in both delegates and the popular vote).

Here are a collection of maps highlighting how Obama won. These will no doubt be analyzed in great detail between now and the general election, with John McCain looking to take advantage of Obama’s geographic weaknesses that became apparent during the primary, such as Appalachia and the rural rust belt.

Where Candidates Found Support from the New York Times


  • Obama’s overall lead in the popular vote was nearly equal to his winning margin in Chicago
  • Hillary Clinton dominated Appalachia, stretching from North Alabama to New York
  • Obama won all nine states where African-Americans make up more than one sixth of the population
  • Obama did well in the Northwest and the mountain West

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County by County Map from Meng Bomin

Clinton is red, Edwards is green, and Obama is blue

Democratic Primary Map from the New York Times

Popular Vote Calculations from Real Clear Politics