2012 Virginia Political Maps

2012, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney

Source: NY Times

Source: NY Times

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Barack Obama won Virginia in 2008 becoming the first Democratic candidate for President to do so since 1964. Polling shows the state as a true toss up and with the polls closing at 7pm EST it could be the first swing state to be called in 2012.

Nate Silver at 538 calls out Montgomery County as a bellwether for the state:

Montgomery County has been an almost perfect barometer of Virginia’s statewide political orientation. Virginia Tech, in Blacksburg, is Montgomery County’s stand-in for left-leaning Northern Virginia, while the area around the university is more Old Virginia, Mr. Skelley said.

In the past three presidential elections, Montgomery County has never been more than one percentage point off of the statewide vote shares of the two parties.

source: 538

source:USA Today