State of the Democratic Primary – April 23rd 2008

Senator Hillary Clinton won the Pennsylvania primary with 54.6% of the vote to Senator Barack Obama’s 45.4%. Preliminary results show that Clinton will receive 82 delegates and Obama will receive 73 delegates. Barack Obama currently leads with 1,723 delegates and Hillary Clinton follows with 1,592 delegates (according to the A.P. 4/23 ). For those keeping score, the Democratic nominee is determined by which candidate receives 2,025 delegates and Obama’s lead in delegates appears to be insurmountable.
Next to vote:
– May 3rd: Guam (9 delegates)
– May 6th: North Carolina (134 delegates) and Indiana (83 delegates)

Pennsylvania Primary Maps – April 22, 2008

All eyes are on Pennsylvania as voters go to the polls to cast the first ballots in the Democratic presidential primary in nearly six weeks. News and Maps in the links below. Be sure to check back, as this page will be updated through out the day and night as more news breaks and election results come in.
– New York Times: Pennsylvania Primary Map
– 538: Pennsylvania Scorecard
– Washington Post: Pennsylvania Political Geography
– The Electoral Map: Pennsylvania Primary Predictions
– Cogitamus: More Pennsylvania Registration Maps

Pennsylvania Primary Exit Polls

Looking for exit polls for Pennsylvania Democratic Primary exit polls?

* ABC has a good summary of how exit polls work.

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