State of the Democratic Primary: March 18th 2008

The Democratic primary continues with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton campaigning heavily in Pennsylvania, the next state to hold its primary on April 22nd. After Pennsylvania votes the only remaining states to hold primaries are Indiana, North Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Montana, and South Dakota.
Since neither candidate appears able to win enough pledged delegates to clinch the nomination, the Democratic nominee will likely be decided by the Democratic party’s superdelegates and both candidates have been trying to make the case that they are the person best able to defeat the presumptive Republican nominee John McCain.

John McCain Wins Republican Presidential Nomination

With wins in Texas, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island on March 4th, John McCain has secured enough delegates to clinch the Republican presidential nomination. Mike Huckabee dropped out of the race after McCain gained the 1,191 delegates needed to claim the Republican nomination.
John McCain started the Republican primary as the front runner, but began to drop in the polls before the first vote had been cast. McCain won the New Hampshire primary, the second state to vote in the presidential campaign, and has been racking up delegates since then.
The Republicans have now selected their nominee and can begin to prepare for the general election in November, while the Democratic race continues with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton battling for the delegates needed to secure the nomination.

Mississippi Primary Maps: Barack Obama Wins

Barack Obama wins Mississippi primary with 60% of the vote compared to Hillary Clinton’s 37%. Barack Obama picked up more delegates with his victory in Mississippi than Clinton did with her “big” wins in Ohio and Texas last week.

Map of Shame from Slate has put together a “guided tour of Washington’s sex-scandal locales” using an interactive google map. Double click on the politician’s head for details of their sex scandal.

Google Maps Primary Map

Google has put together an interactive map of the presidential primary campaign showing each candidate’s wins by state. Use the drop down menu to zoom into to a particular state for more detailed results.