2008 US Senate Election Maps

2008, Senate

Democrats picked up at least five Senate seats, but missed their goal of acquiring a filibuster proof majority (60).

Highlights for the Senate races (work in progress):

  • 3 races remain too close to call: Alaska, Georgia, and Minnessota
  • In Minnesota, incumbent Republican Senator Norm Coleman held off challenger Al Franken, however less than 800 votes separate the two candidates and Franken is demanding a recount. (star tribune maps)
  • In Alaska, votes are still being counted, but convicted felon and incumbent Republican Senator Ted Stevens may be keeping his will lose his Senate seat to Democratic challenger Mark Begich¬†NY Times
  • In Georgia, there will be a run-off since neither candidate exceeded 50% of the vote. Incumbent Republican Senator Saxby¬†Chambliss is favored. Official Results
  • In North Carolina, Democratic challenger Kay Hagan defeated incumbent Republican Senator Elizabeth Dole.
  • In New Hampshire, Democratic challenger Jeanne Shaheen defeated incumbent Republican John E. Sununu.
  • As expected, Democratic candidate Mark Warner wins the open seat in Virginia by a large margin.
  • Democrat Mark Udall wins in Colorado and his cousin, also a Democrat, wins in New Mexico

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