2008 Presidential Election Coverage of the Iowa Caucus

2008, Iowa

1/4/2008 – The Results are in…


  1. Barack Obama 37.6%
  2. John Edwards 29.7%
  3. Hillary Clinton 29.5%
  4. Bill Richardson 2.1%
  5. Joe Biden 0.9%


  1. Mike Huckabee 34.3%
  2. Mitt Romney 25.3%
  3. Fred Thompson 13.4%
  4. John McCain 13.1%
  5. Ron Paul 10.0%
  6. Rudy Giuliani 3.5%

2008 Iowa Caucus Map

2008 Iowa Presidential Caucus REpublicans
2008 Iowa Democratic CaucusIowa Results via Google Maps

2008 iowa caucus map of the margin of victoriesNew York Times Map

Coverage of the 2008 Iowa Presidential Caucus:

The first votes of the 2008 presidential election will be cast in Iowa on January 3rd where each party begins the process of selecting their presidential candidate.

On the eve of the January 3rd, 2008 Iowa Caucus

On the eve of the Iowa Caucus, only a few percentage points separate the Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards.

The Republican presidential race between Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney is now neck and neck after Huckabee’s surge in the polls. John McCain and Fred Thompson trail Huckabee and Romney significantly, yet remain ahead of Rudy Guiliani who has opted not to contend in Iowa.

Iowa Presidential Election Scorecard
Image from Slate.com’s Election Scorecard