2008 Michigan Presidential Primary News and Maps

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News Coverage of the January 15th, 2008 Michigan Presidential Primary

Republican Primary: Mitt Romney 39%. John McCain 30%. Mike Huckabee 16%. Ron Paul 6%. Fred Thompson 4%. Rudy Giuliani 3%.
Democratic Primary: Hillary Clinton 55% of vote. Uncommitted 40%. The Democratic National Committee stripped Michigan of it’s delegates for violating party rules and neither Barack Obama nor John Edwards contested the Michigan primary and did not appear on the ballot. Obama and Edwards’ supporters were encouraged to vote “Uncommitted”.

via CNN election results as of 7:45 AM EST 1/16/2008

Interactive County by County Michigan Primary Maps from the Washington Post
michigan county by county republican primary map
michigan county by county democratic primary map

Mitt Romney wins Republican Michigan Primary
michigan google republican primary map

Hillary Clinton wins Democratic Michigan Primary
michigan google democratic primary map

New York Times County by County & Margin of Victory Primary Maps
michigan county by county primary map
michigan margin of victory primary map

Detroit News County by County Primary Map
michigan county by county primary map

Michigan Republican Primary Map from the Washington Post
The Washington Post has an interactive map of Michican showing key areas for each candidate. Huckabee is counting on the support of the Christian conservatives in the Southwest and the Northwest. Romney is counting on Grand Rapids and Detroit. McCain is also counting on Detroit.
washington post michigan primary map

Michigan Candidate Stops from Slate
Since the January 8th New Hampshire Primary, Mitt Romney has made 18 campaign stops in Michigan, 2 more than McCain and twice as many as Huckabee.
michigan primary map the candidates

New York Times Michigan Primary Coverage
News Coverage of the January 15th, 2008 Michigan Presidential Primary


Nevada and South Carolina are the next battleground states.