2008 California Presidential Primary Maps

2008, California

Election Results and Maps of the February 5th, 2008 California Presidential Primary

California Republican Primary:
John McCain 42%, Mitt Romney 34%, Mike Huckabee 12%, Rudy Giuliani 5%, Ron Paul 4%, and Fred Thompson 2%

California Democratic Primary:
Hillary Clinton 52%, Barack Obama 42%, John Edwards 4%, and Dennis Kucinich 0%

L.A. Times California Primary Map
California Presidential Primary Maps
California Republican Presidential Primary Map

Pre-Election Coverage
Hillary Clinton enjoys a solid lead over Barack Obama and John Edwards in the California Democratic primary polling heading into the final weeks of campaigning. The Republican race is now becoming competitive as Rudy Giuliani’s loses the lead to John McCain with Romney and Huckabee not far behind.
Pre-Election: California Primary Coverage from the New York Times
California Presidential Primary

Pre-Election: California Primary Election Scorecard from Slate
California Presidential Primary  Election Scorecard