2008 Presidential Primary Calendar

The first votes of the 2008 Presidential Election will be cast on January 3rd in Iowa, followed by New Hampshire on January 8th. These two states have led the nation’s nominating contests over the past several decades and this year has not been an exception with many campaigns focus on the first two elections.

Other early primaries, including Florida and Michigan, have been frequent stops on the campaign trail with candidates hoping to pick up early wins heading into Super Tuesday. More than 20 states are holding their primary election on Super Tuesday, February 5th. Over 40 percent of each parties delegates will be chosen on this date, including California and New York.

If Clicks Equaled Votes in November – Republican Candidates

If Clicks Were Votes – November 2007

Compete.com, which specializes in web analytics, has released some interesting maps about who is visiting the Presidential Cantidates’ websites. Based on their analysis, Ron Paul leads the Republicans and Barak Obama leads the Democrats.

Iraq War Maps

Assorted Iraq Maps
Bagdad: Mapping the Violence
Map: Middle East Conflicts, 1945-2002
Operation Iraqi Freedom Maps
US Fatalities by Home State

Electoral Vote Maps from 270toWin.com

The United States Electoral College is a term used to describe the 538 President Electors who meet every 4 years to cast the electoral votes for President and Vice President of the United States; their votes represent the most important component of the presidential election. 270toWin.com has a collection of maps showing how the Electoral College has voted by state since 1788.

Presidential Fund Raising Maps from PoliticalBase.com

PoliticalBase.com has a great collection of interactive election fund raising maps. The maps below show which Presidential candidate raised the most money in each state. There is a map for every Presidential election from 1980 to the 2008 election.